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About us

Whether you have been around church your entire life or this is your first time checking out a church in Everett, Bible Baptist Church has something for you. Bible Baptist Church has been a part of the Everett community for over 45 years. Countless people and families have been impacted by the ministry. We are a loving church family excited about what God is doing. Our hope is that you will take the next step and visit us at one of our services.

What can I expect on my first visit? 
When you come to Bible Baptist Church you will quickly find a warm, friendly group of people committed to making church exciting, life-changing, and enjoyable. There are services for the whole family that include wonderful singing, a time of biblical teaching, and an opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Loving nursery care and interpretation for the Deaf H/H is available at each service. Translation earphones are also available for Spanish and Russian.

Church Leadership Team

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Sam Green

Youth Pastor

Jeff Sebers

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Bobby Gall

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Keith Birdsong

Music Director

John Baron

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Don Carroll


Milton Vicente


Les Krestel


Mark Faylor


Rayme Reed


Bob Hilt


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Bible Baptist Church is located in Everett, Washington. You can’t miss our church at 805 West Casino Road. As you approach the main building, one of our greeters will meet you and direct you to the right classes and services. They can also answer other questions you may have.

Address: 805 W. Casino Rd

Everett, Washington 98204


Phone: (425) 353-6200


Why Should I Study the Bible?

A lad of seven years took the Bible one day from the library table in his home and asked, “Is this God’s Book, Mother?” “Certainly it is,” was her reply. “Well,” continued the lad, “don’t you think we might as well send it back to God? We don’t use it here, do we?”*

Pastor challenged us Wednesday about our lack of study in the Bible. We have the opportunity to sit at the table and digest the Word of God but we choose not to eat. We must ask ourselves; “Why is it important to study the Bible?” The Bible is the only source of absolute divine authority and the Bible will inform you of God’s mind and will for your life (2 Timothy 3:16-17). That is reason enough to study God’s Word but there are also other benefits of studying and knowing God’s Word.

We are blessed by the Word of God:
Luke 11:28 “But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.”
We can know truth:
John 17:17 “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”
We will grow:
I Peter 2:2 “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby”
Some other great passages about the Word of God:
Revelation 22:18-19, John 8:47; 20:31, Psalm 119:89, Psalm 19:7, Isaiah 55:11, Proverbs 30:5-6

Here are some quotes I found personally convicting concerning the Bible:

“I would rather have my son acquainted with the Bible and ignorant of all other literature than to have him acquainted with all other literature and ignorant of the Bible.”
Herbert Hoover

“I am sorry for the men who do not read the Bible every day. I wonder why they deprive themselves of the strength and of the pleasure.”
Woodrow Wilson

“This book will keep me from sin, and sin will keep me from this Book.”
D.L. Moody

“The Bible becomes ours, not by merely owning a copy, but by storing It in our mind and heart. Read It now, while you can. What a tragedy to grow old without Christ, or, if saved, to know only meagerly the treasures of God’s Word. “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Col. 3:16). When this heavenly treasure, the Bible, is really ours, we will value the Words of God as did David, when he said, “More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold” (Psa. 19:10). Gold cannot buy happiness, but God gives us abiding happiness through His Word.”
Franklin Huling

With studying the Bible being so important, we want to make resources as accessible as possible to you. Starting next Thursday we will start sending a church email out mid afternoon. Attached to Thursday emails will be a PDF copy of Truths that Transform outlines with the Truths for Memorization and Extra Study attached for your convenience. Let us purpose now to be students of God’s Word.

*(Huling, Franklin. “Why Read the Bible?” Foundation Magazine)

Be the Image

Recently I experienced a brand new phenomena. It was weird, it was perspective changing, and it was awesome. It was during our Missions Conference at the Spanish outreach service. At that service I had to listen to an interpreter to understand what was being said, I had to watch facial expressions and hand gestures more closely than normal and generally found myself watching the congregation for social cues such as when to laugh, when to say “Amen,” and when to sit or stand. Not exactly what you would call “culturally affluent,” I was like a fish out of water – obviously awkward and a little lost.

In Genesis 1:26-27 we learn that God created man in His own image. We can learn so much from this verse about the nature of God and the nature of man, but think with me for a moment about the fact that God created man in His own image and it is man’s responsibility to represent that image correctly. Maybe you’ve heard a young person say, “I’m not going to wear that. It’ll hurt my image!” Let’s face it, we make a lot of decisions based on our image. We determine what activities we’ll participate in, what people we’ll associate with, what clothes we’ll wear, and even what brand of coffee we’ll drink based on how our image will be projected. Just as we take care for our personal image, shouldn’t we be concerned about God’s image which is in us?

Although there were a few barriers it was apparent that the Lord was working in that service, and specifically in my life. A group of twenty to twenty-five people from Templo Bautista in Yakima, accompanied by fourteen acoustic guitars, an upright bass, a piano, and a keyboard set to a harmonica setting began to praise Jesus in song. It was thrilling on so many levels, but the thing that stuck with me was this: although I couldn’t understand a word they were singing, I understood what they were doing. They were being the image of God. They were skillful, creative, passionate image bearers and the result was a beautiful picture of God.

Dr. Johnny Pope tells of his childhood that whenever he’d go off to school his mother would kiss him and say, “Johnny, be Jesus.” Whose image is more prominent in your life, your own or Christ’s?

Let’s fulfill our purpose. We were created in His image, so let’s be it.

-Keith Birdsong